The Villainess Who Did Not Reincarnate Still Doesn't Know of Her Fate


What will come to her who reincarnated as a villainess? Whether she will fail or succeed? You decide her destiny!

没落するか回避するかはプレイヤーの選択次第!上の「Run game」をクリックするとゲームを開始できます。

Movie voice: Maria Inugami(Twitter) *This game does not have any voices. *PV日本語版


  • Ending: 5 (+ extra 3) / エンド数: 5 +おまけ3
  • Play time: about 30-45 minutes for complete / 1周10分・コンプ30分程度
  • Language: Japanese(original), English / 言語: 日本語・英語



  • Playing on a browser from the iPhone may not be stable.
  • Please answer the survey after playing. :) / アンケート

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Updated 6 days ago
Published 20 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
AuthorKlast Halc
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Made withRen'Py
TagsFantasy, Multiple Endings, Otome, villainess
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
LinksTwitter, YouTube, Homepage


Download 27 MB
Version 1.11 7 days ago
Download 25 MB
Version 1.11 7 days ago
akuyaku_unmei-1.11-linux.tar.bz2 32 MB
Version 1.11 7 days ago

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this game is amazinggg!! <3


Thank youuuuu!!

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this is so goood!!! lol another nora/sensei shipper hereee

thank you for the translatee, this game made my day XD

Oh, you know "sensei"!

I'm so glad if you favorite it. Arigato~★

here my last playthrough hope like it

Thank you for playing until last! I enjoyed your stream so much. Your reaction to Shine was so funny! XD I'll do my effort to improve English.

Very abrupt but amusing little game. Nora/Teacher OTP =P I'm looking forward to the revised English translation.

The sprite viewer in the extras with the expression randomizer is really neat. Did you find that code framework somewhere or write it from scratch? And would you be able to share it?

I'm happy to hear so! :) Thank you!

Are you talking about the 7th image in the gallery (two girls and stars)?

i think they were asking about how you make the framework for changing expression in character's sub menu inside the extra ^^

Yes, exactly. The ? button here


Thank you, Teatime for Cabbages-san and Fumaira Mizumori-san! I got it. 

Roughly, I show four screens for body, eyes, mouth, and sweat/cheek. And each image is changed by the action of each button. I will show in detail on the blog in several days! 


Thank you for playing and comment!

This is a really good visual novel. My only complaint is that the english sounds like it was loosely translated or translated via google translate or something. So you might want to get someone to fix the English translation to where it doesn't have any grammatical or awkward sentence structures in english.


I appreciate for your comment. Fortunately, I found cooperators, so that I plan to improve translation later. Very many people played this game and gave comments. Therefore, I want to polish up more!


That Juliana ending was everything I wanted and more.

Thank you! I'm glad that Juliana is supported by many players include you.

This game was fun. I like these otome villainess stories so it's nice to see a game that uses the concept. There were also quite a few endings.  I liked Julianna so it would have been nice to see Nora and Julianna interact more in their route.

Thank you for your playing! Their ending may be a little short, but please imagine Nora and Juliana talking more :)

here another playthrough i made hope like hope audio is better this cant wait to unlock the secret endings ! 

here the link :

Thank you again. I enjoyed second one, too! I like you called "Ms. Aku". ^^ I hope you like extra endings.

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hey i love your game i made stream on twitch on my playthrought very much liked it ! =) im sorry i used without  permission. can still upload if you dont  wanted to be uploaded then i wil take down video that is if you want here i wanted a video throught my playthrought i wanted your opinion about it  here the link

here video of twitch where i made playthrought  hope see it ! and i want know your though on it =)

so sorry i did without permission i hope you forgive me 

(2 edits)

Hello! We permit video stream, so that it's no probrem. I'm rather happy, thank you very much! I watched and enjoyed it! Oh, I apologize about wrong sentences and difficult pronunciation of names. (It might be better if the volume of your voice is lager or other sound is smaller :) )

alright next time i fix the volume =3  then show on next playthrough ! =)

So fun! The second and third ending was so unexpected I laughed out loud lol xD

Haha! I'm happy you could have fun. Thank you ;)

(4 edits)

I finished all of the endings, It reminds me of the otome-game novels I read and I love it! Keep up the good work💕! I also really love the confinement ending. (Juliana & the teacher are the best)

Thank you for your message! I'm glad💕 Juliana and teacher have many fan. XD

I saw this game in a Japanese site, I'm glad there's a translation. I will review properly once I play. 

How surprising! I'm not a native English speaker, but I tried translation. I hope you can enjoy it!

Yeah, I don't remember how I got there, but I think the website is called Freem? 

I only just started playing. Thank you for your effort to translate :)

Yes, it may be Freem :) This game was released there at first.

Not at all!

I had fun playing this! I love villainess stories and I loved your interpretation of it! I got every ending, my favourites are the Julianna ending and the Confinement ending! The first prince was my favourite character since he was so hot, I thought his ending was supposed to be yandere at first, but then it was just to control the power of darkness... 

Thank you for making this game!  

I'm happy to see your comment!! Several player said they liked Juliana, so that we added her end from v1.10. First prince is not only cool but also strange as you are saying ^^;

I'm really appreciate for your playing!

After some trial and error i got every ending and extra ending. Good game, thank yo for making it.

Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad to hear that you saw all endings. And thank you for your playing!!

Pls continue to make games