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The Villainess Who Did Not Reincarnate Wants to Slap Her Fiance Some More
- 転生してない悪役令嬢はまだビンタが足りない

~ 浮気男に連続ビンタ!爽快クリッカーゲーム ~


Nora, the daughter of a noble family, is engaged to be married to Shine, the fifth prince of this country. However, she witnesses the prince talking to another girl friendly...?
Let's punish this loose prince by slapping.

* This game is a spin-off of "The Villainess Who Did Not Reincarnate Still Doesn't Know of Her Fate". You don't need to play the original game to enjoy this game.
※ 本作は『転生してない悪役令嬢はまだ運命を知らない』のスピンオフ作品です。本作単体でのプレイも大歓迎ですが、本編もプレイすると一層お楽しみいただけます。


  • Play time: about 1 minutes / 1回1分・実績コンプリートまで15~30分程度?
  • Language: Japanese(original), English / 言語: 日本語・英語
  • Made with Ren'Py / 制作ツール: Ren'Py
  • Hashtag: #VillainessSlaps / ハッシュタグ: #ビンタ令嬢


More detail

  • Copyright
    • Tobiishikikaku and crAsm manage all copyright of this program. Don't use any contents in this program without permission.
  • Redistribution & Introduction
    • Redistribution is prohibited.
    • Feel free to do these:
      • Introduce on your web site, blog, twitter, etc. (You can use screenshots for this purpose.)
      • Draw fan art
      • Take stream movies and show them on YouTube, Twitch, etc.
    • In other cases, please ask.
  • Exemption from responsibility
    • We are not responsible for any troubles caused by this application. We consider that you agree when you start this application.
  • Contact us
  • Readme日本語版


  • Try to use both a mouse and keyboard if you don't have a touchscreen. However, the hand cannot be selected with the arrow keys. Please do well. / タッチスクリーンが無い場合はマウスとキーボードの併用がおすすめ。但しビンタの手は方向キーで選択できないので工夫してください。
  • There are four different face on the result screen. This is not important, but try the most difficult one if you have time. / 余談ですが、結果画面の表情差分は4種類あります。余力があれば最難関のものにも挑戦してみてください。
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorKlast Halc
Made withRen'Py
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
LinksTwitter, YouTube, Homepage, Support


Download 25 MB
Version 1.01.1 Feb 06, 2021
Download 20 MB
Version 1.01.1 Feb 06, 2021
akuyaku_slap-1.01.1-linux.tar.bz2 18 MB
Version 1.01.1 Feb 06, 2021
Download 29 kB

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hope you like my gameplay

Thank you so much! XD The thumbnail is very cute, as always. I enjoyed watching your video.
It might be difficult to use only the mouse. As I mentioned above, using both the keyboard and the mouse may improve your score.



Also, it would be just as satisfying to smack the first prince!

I'm glad you said that, thank you!!

> First Prince
Sounds great! He may escape well unlike the Fifth Prince. XD